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If You Build It…

If You Build It , They Will Come quote


This is by far one of my favorite quotes. One of those excellent reminders. I know the true quote from the movie Field of Dreams is actually “if you build it, he will come” but I like to customize it to suit my psyche. I mean…why not?

Since this is a brand new site, I thought I’d tell you, you can expect a lovely quote or some form of inspiration every week here on the Un-Boring Blog. I LOVE quotes and since we all need inspiration and I love designing them for myself, I figured why not share them with you?


Welcome to Porto Creative

Welcome to my Un-Boring design address.

I’ve been hoping to launch Porto Creative in May but after a booming year of business in my former profession and in the midst of a temporary move in June from Houston, Texas to Porto, Portugal, it took longer than what I’d hoped for.

I’d actually started designing this company as Bright + Happy Creative and while I love the name, it ended up not being the direction I wanted to go in with my name or design. In March I changed the name to Porto Creative as an homage to the city that so inspires me. And how lucky am I to be spending a few months in Porto while I worked on the website?

But here it is! It’s now live after a ton of work and lots of designing and I’m relived and happy that I’m open for business.

This blog is where I will share with you my inspiration for all things design, as well as some organizing & business tips and resources you might be able to use in your daily life.

I hope to connect with you soon and let me know how I can help you with your design needs!

Sofia :)